MBA Foundation

Mobile Bar Association Foundation

The Mobile Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the Mobile Bar Association. A Section 501(c)(3) organization which is exempt from payment of income taxes, the Foundation was established in 1994 with the stated purpose of “accumulating sufficient funds to be used for the betterment and good of our community.” Its mission is to support programs that improve the legal system, the administration of justice and otherwise promote the betterment of the legal profession and local community.

The primary sources of funds for the Foundation are the annual membership donations paid by members of the Mobile Bar Association. Various membership levels are available according to the amounts donated (see contribution form available through the link below). Other sources of funds include various fundraisers and contributions from supporting individuals and organizations.

Each year a portion of the funds raised by the Foundation is distributed to qualified organizations in the community. These grant awards are made by the Foundation’s board, which also has the responsibility of overseeing the management and investment of the accumulated funds. Grant applications are due at the end of October (see application available through the link below).


  • Bryan E. Comer, President
  • Karlos F. Finley, Vice President
  • John J. Crowley, Jr. Treasurer
  • Brandy O. Hambright, Secretary
  • M. Kathleen Miller, MBF Past President
  • Windy C. Bitzer, At-Large (2019)
  • Shelbonnie Coleman-Hall, At-Large (2021)
  • W. Christian Hines, III, At-Large (2019)
  • Mark A. Newell, MBA President
  • Jean M. Powers, MBA Past President
  • George “Skip” W. Finkbohner, III, MBA President Elect
  • Weathers P. Bolt, MBA Young Lawyers President