Membership categories

Classes of Membership Are As Follows:

Active members of the Alabama State Bar in good standing who are actively engaged in the occupation of a lawyer in Mobile County shall be eligible for active membership.

Associate members of the legal profession in good standing who have been admitted to practice in any state of the United States and who are ineligible for membership as active members may become associate members. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active members, except that of voting and holding office.

Sustaining Members – Any Active or Associate member of the Association who attains the age of sixty-five years shall be eligible for sustaining membership on application to the Executive Committee.

Honorary Members – The active and retired judges of courts of the State of Alabama who reside or serve in Mobile County, the active and retired judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama, and the active and retired judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit with offices in the City of Mobile shall be honorary members of the Association.

Adjunct Members – Persons who are actively engaged in the occupation of a legal assistant in Mobile County. Adjunct members may attend any meeting of the Association, except such meetings as may be called for active member only. Adjunct members shall not be entitled to the floor for discussion nor shall they be entitled to vote or hold office in the Association other than an office in the Legal Assistants’ Section of the Association.


The Annual Dues Are As Follows:

Active and in practice for more than five years:

Active and in practice for five years or less:

Associate Members:

Government Employees:

Sustaining Members:

Adjunct Members:







All dues shall be payable in advance and shall be due not later then sixty (60) days after the start of the fiscal year.