Women Lawyers

Women Lawyers

Women Lawyers Directory – October 2015 Edition

WomenLawyersLogoMBA Women Lawyers is an unofficial section of the Mobile Bar Association which dates back to the 1970s. Back when there were only a handful of women practicing law in Mobile, the late Alice M. Meadows (1923-1995) prompted these women to begin meeting for lunch on a regular basis so they could share advice and support one another. These lunch meetings took hold and eventually became more formalized. Today, the primary purpose of MBA Women Lawyers is to provide an opportunity for women lawyers in the Mobile area to network, socialize, and establish personal and professional relationships, as well as to provide a safe and inviting environment that facilitates and encourages women to discuss the unique challenges we face in the practice of law in Mobile. The secondary purpose of the MBA Women Lawyers is to help women lawyers advance in the profession by facilitating and encouraging increased numbers of women in equity partnerships within law firms, as elected judges both locally and statewide, and as leaders in professional associations of lawyers nationwide.

To this end, MBA Women Lawyers continue to hold monthly luncheons, each of which features a speaker discussing a CLE-eligible legal topic, as well as networking and socializing opportunities. We also hold other events throughout the year.



Suntrease Williams-Maynard, President

Kristy Dugan, 1st Vice President

Mandy Barton 2nd Vice President

Krissy McCulloch, Treasurer

Alex Garrett, Secretary

Tiffany Smith, Historial/Marketer

Abby Richardson, Immediate Past President

Advisory Board

Lucy Tufts

Jannea Rogers

Jessica Milling

Dottie Barker

Laura Strachan

Margie Williams

If you would like more information about our monthly luncheons or joining the MBA Women Lawyers , please email Abby Richardson abby@richardsonlawllc.com